Mobilize our expertise for an energy transition that can serve the development of everyone


We are certain of this:

Energy is the source of all human development.

Since its creation in 2019, Arverne has continued to rely on this vision to structure and grow. But how can we put energy at the service of the development of all when our resource needs threaten the planetary balances?

Today, we want to act to (re)unite energy production and sustainable growth. Therefore, Arverne promotes the valorization of geo-resources as a lever for accelerating the energy transition, in order to guarantee the development of everyone while respecting our first common good: the Earth.

Our work

Arverne’s teams work in collaboration with actors in the field, in France and internationally, to make available to all the energy from the local subsoil, in a spirit of ecological transition.

Exploration, extraction, valorization, transformation, depollution… Arverne is on all fronts!

Proof in a few achievements

En quelques chiffres






Pau, Bischwiller, Maisse, Paris, Strasbourg


Arverne is on the move towards an energy transition for all!

Sep 13 2022

Let’s meet at the European Geothermal Congress 2022!

Lithium de France and Arverne Drilling, subsidiaries of Arverne Group, will attend theEuropean Geothermal Congress 2022. Organized by the European Geothermal Energy...
Jul 27 2022

Arverne: a company with a mission

From the 4th of February 2022, Arverne is a mission-driven company. The general meeting of the partners of the Arverne group voted to include a raison d'être in the...
Jul 27 2022

A new subsidiary: DrillHeat

Arvern group and Eren to join to create DrillHeat company, dedicated to shallow geothermal drilling and installation. This new energy, more topical than ever at a time...
Jul 27 2022

The exploration licence for deep geothermal energy ‘Les sources’ granted to Lithium de France

The exclusive exploration licence for geothermal energy known as "Les Sources" was granted to Lithium de France by ministerial order of 22 June 2022, published in the...