Accelerate the energy transition through geo-resources, to allow locally the development of all possibilities

Raison d'être

If Arverne wants to become a player that counts in the sector of new energies in France and beyond, it is first and foremost to support the development and prosperity of territories, by combining ECOLOGY AND INNOVATION.

To achieve this goal, we want to produce energy where it is intended to be consumed, with a focus on short supply chains, serving the needs of the community and the local economy. With a bias, which signs the singularity of our adventure: to go where others do not go, by drawing from the subsurface a new and renewable source of energy, opening new possibilities, as part of an energy transition for the good of all.

In order to translate this vision into concrete actions, we have chosen to commit ourselves by becoming a “company with a mission“, according to the Pacte law. We have formulated this mission in a few lines, which signify Arverne’s justification for existence:

Through its unique know-how, Arverne group unleashes the potential of geo-resources and sustainably values them for a pragmatic energy transition for the prosperity of territories.


  1. Acting as a bold energy specialist to defend a pragmatic energy transition.
  2. Encourage a virtuous society by relying on women and men within the company and the territories.


Arverne campaigns for a pragmatic transition in terms of energy, which frees itself from postures, far from any dogmatism or angelism.


Because this transition is, by definition, the gradual transition from one state to another, we advocate for a green energy mix, but a realistic one, that integrates and intelligently accompanies the end of hydrocarbons.

So, we have designed an original and virtuous model, which integrates all the data of the equation.

At the heart of this system: the potential of geo-resources and the many virtues of low, medium and high enthalpy geothermal energy, associated, among other things, with the extraction of certain metals essential to industries involved in the energy transition.


To develop these resources, we have a drilling and workover tool (Arverne Drilling), a company specializing in the installation of shallow geothermal probes (DrillHeat), recognized geoscience experts (2gré) and our first company to extract critical inputs necessary for the battery industry (Lithium de France).


Our idea: to unleash the potential of geo-resources while supporting the end of hydrocarbons by the sustainable transformation of existing wells and reservoirs thanks to waste heat, the extraction of metals, the storage of CO2 or H2 and, ultimately, the abandonment of sites and their depollution, in France and internationally.


it is above all a human adventure.


A story of encounters and friendship between men and women inhabited by the same vision and the same desire to serve the common good by making things happen.

All share the same values of freedom, humanism, commitment, audacity, responsibility and high standards.

To renew the energy sector and business, grow together and promote an energy transition that benefits everyone.