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Arverne is an industrial and multidisciplinary player in the energy transition, putting its expertise and professional ethics at the service of territories, in the context of local and environmentally responsible development of subsoil resources, for an innovative energy mix adapted to the needs of future generations.

Born in March 2017, the Arverne Group was founded by specialists in the energy recovery of subsurface resources, trained in the school of hydrocarbons and willing to put their know-how at the service of an energy transition that guarantees the prosperity of our local economies.

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ARVERNE DRILLING SERVICES, Lithium de france, 2gré & DrillHeat


Drilling and workover

Subsidiary of Arverne Group since February 2020, following the acquisition of Entrepose Drilling (formerly COFOR) from Vinci Group. More than 1,000 wells drilled around the world for a cumulated experience of over 60 years. Arverne Drilling, the group’s operational arm, gives it the autonomy and agility it needs to operate in geothermal energy, storage and for its future activities.


Production of low-carbon  lithium and
geothermal energy

Created in 2021, Lithium de France, thanks to the integration of innovative extraction technologies, aims to make France one of the world champions of low-carbon lithium from national geothermal waters, essential for the development of low-carbon mobility.



Member of the Arverne group since 2023, 2gré is developing geothermal heating and cooling distribution projects.

Geothermal energy, which is carbon-free and non-intermittent, is a disruptive form of energy for the French energy mix, thanks to its capacity to produce renewable heat and cooling locally in the heart of territories.


Shallow geothermal drilling

Created in 2022, DrillHeat specializes in shallow geothermal installations and aims to provide a relevant response to the objectives of rapid and massive decarbonization of the building industry in France through shallow geothermal energy.


Arverne’s strength lies in the original and multidisciplinary profile of its founders: a unique experience, both operational and technical, in the combined fields of geoscience, drilling, exploitation and R&D. The company is now applying this know-how to renewable energies from subsurface, with the constant concern to pass it on to its youngest employees.

The aim is to combine their strengths and expertise to accelerate the energy transition in the regions and thus contribute to a paradigm shift.


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